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Tośka and her owner Ewelina [flickr]

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Strange Marine Creature

This strange creature was filmed underwater by drillers in the deep ocean. It is called Deepstaria enigmatica. It looks like an underwater dementor.


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Rabbit Island In Japan


Rabbit Island In Japan


Mounting created Bloggif

I found the insta-fluff button

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"Men rush towards complexity; but they yearn towards simplicity. They try to be kings; but they dream of being shepherds."

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Good Guy Cockatoo


Not to suggest that all ”faith healers” are corrupt little monsters. But perhaps an examination of practice would be in order.

Anonymous said: But what about the people who want to take the pics for their SOs? Like Mary Elizabeth?

Taking nudes is your choice, but if they exist that’s your own doing and the possibility that they might get leaked/hacked/etc is something that you have to be prepared for. That doesn’t make it right, but it cannot happen if the nudes don’t exist.