Can I ask you a question? I kind of feel like the whole reason I came tonight was to ask you this question: Since when is Jesus not enough? Since when? Was it the information age that has brought us to this heretical place? Pastor, since when did we have to supplement the Savior? Since when did we have to add to His divine sufficiency? Since when?

I can relate. I can stand here tonight and I’ve got to admit, in my crisis, in my challenge, I started to look further than Jesus. It’s embarrassing to admit, but it’s true. I started saying, “well maybe I need to read that and maybe I need to go here and maybe I need to learn this” and all the while I felt Jesus trying to catch my eyes.

Son, my grace is sufficient for you. In your weakness, my power is made perfect.


Judah Smith (via solideogloriaa)

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