"Mormons are Christians."

Mormons teach things that are directly contrary to Christian scriptures. They teach that Jesus is not God but is “a” God. They teach that there are many Gods. They teach that Satan and Christ are both our spirit brothers. And yet, teaching these things, they try to claim “Mormons are Christians too!” If they are to be believed, and all Mormons are Christians, despite denying Christian doctrine, then by the same logic I can deny the following doctrines and must still be considered a Mormon:

  • I deny that Satan is my spirit brother.
  • I deny that there is more than one God in existence, ruling this or any other planet.
  • I deny that God was once a man, that God learned, or that God became God.
  • I deny that the temple is necessary any longer.
  • I deny that I was in existence before my birth as a spirit-baby.
  • I deny that salvation relies on my good works.
  • I deny that I must atone for my sins with my own blood.
  • I deny that the Godhead is an office held by three Gods.
  • I deny that God has a body of flesh and bone.
  • I deny that I can ever become a God.
  • I deny that the Book of Mormon is more correct than the Bible.
  • I deny that God is married.
  • I deny that Joseph Smith was a prophet.

Now, in light of all that, would you still consider me a Mormon, simply because I claimed to be? If not, why should I consider you a Christian?