bearyourcrocs said: what were the names of the 'nine men doomed to die'

The Nine are never named in any canonical sources.  Actually, I was wrong.  The Witch-King of Angmar is the name given for the leader, who stabs Frodo on Weathertop.  Additionally, Tolkien gives the name of the Witch-King’s second in command as “Khamûl”, a lord of the Easterlings.  This would make him one of Ulfang’s descendants, who betrayed the Eldar and the Men of the West during the Battle of Unnumbered Tears in the First Age.  Other than those two, however, the only names come from the early role-playing games based on Lord of the Rings.

Three of the Riders were said to be great lords of Númenor, but their names have since been lost.  It is speculated that the Witch-King is of Númenorian descent, but nothing definitive has been published.