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Please pray, everyone.

Please pray, everyone.

Anonymous said: I know you probably get a lot of asks/prayer requests, but I was wondering if you could maybe pray that me and my family find a church soon? We haven't been to church in a couple months now and I feel like I really need fellowship. Thanks.

I’m sure you do! Pray!

songofthewind said: Hi, I have a quick prayer request. One of my friends, who has been raised in a Christian home, is in a period of questioning his faith. He is asking for prayers from as many people as possible, to help him come through this with his faith having been strengthened by this testing. By the way, I love you're blog, and you and your wife are lovely.

Prayers, everyone! (And thank you very much!)

If your friend wants to chat, I’m quite empathetic to his situation. He can come on here, or email me at :)

Anonymous said: hey, there is a little girl in my country that has been on the news a few times about an illness she has (you can probably google her, Grace Yeats), and she really needs prayer, so does her family. I can't imagine how scary what she is going through is for her, and her family. So if you can, could you please pray? c:

Prayer request, folks!

Can you take a moment and pray for my boss’ son?



They gave him a couple of days to live.

So yea, thank you.

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m0eseph said: If you can, please pray for my uncle. He got in a car accident yesterday morning and is currently in the ICU. He went in for surgery and now he wont wake from the anesthesia.

Pray, everyone!

debediahlin-deactivated20130614 said: Need lots of prayer for God to really start preparing my heart for my mission trip to Paris this summer and working with the North African Muslims there, and that I can find the discipline and desire to dig deeper into the Word and my faith more than ever before.

Another prayer request!

christinashleys said: Please pray for my best friend and her family. Her father just passed away yesterday morning.

Pray, folks!

Prayer request!

I’m working on getting an event together. I don’t want to say too much, in case it doesn’t work out, or in case some of my higher hopes are dashed, but I think it would be an incredible blessing to the Christian community here on Tumblr. If you could just pray that God guides this, and that God’s will be done and His name be glorified in this, that would be super awesome. I’ll be posting more information as it becomes available. 

God bless!

l00k-into-the-future-deactivate said: Will you please pray for my friend's sister? She's in critical condition with pneumonia in both of her lungs and doctors say that there is a high chance that she might not make it.

Just so everyone knows, I’m tagging prayer requests on my blog. There’s now a link in the sidebar so that you can go read through them. Please do pray for these brothers and sisters.